In this course, learners will learn how to accomplish basic daily tasks such as counting, ordering a meal at a restaurant, asking for directions and introducing themselves. Each course also teaches the                                      can-do statements found in CEFR for learners at every level.


  1. Connection through conversation: Don’t get lost during long conversations! Learn to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and more by listening to authentic conversations about everyday topics.
  2. Professional Life: Learn to talk about your professional life, from your prior experience and your career goals to advice about how to navigate the professional world and be successful in your position.
  3. Self-Care & Wellbeing: Discover the best ways to care for your mind and body by listening to advice from wellness coaches and conversations between friends. Become an expert in recent findings and trends by reading science-based articles.
  4. Cooking & Cuisine: Expand your culinary vocabulary and knowledge by listening to recipes given by chefs, reading authentic restaurant review, and exploring diverse global cuisines and ingredients.
  5. Shaping History: Explore the events and people who shaped the past and made the world what it is today. Read about important mathematical, scientific and artistic advances and learn how our history continues to influence our lives to this day.
  6. Debates & Discussions: Understand how to engage in discussions with confidence and to express your opinions clearly in debates. Listen to real conversations covering a range of topics like gender equality, education, and eco-tourism.
  7. Modern Innovations: Learn about the newest innovations from apps and wearables to drones and driverless cars and debate the safety and future of these new technologies.
  8. The Arts: Delve into the arts by exploring museums, fashion, design, and music and by listening to artists talk about their work. Understand both historical developments and current social movements that shape the world of art today.
  9. Geography & Travel: Polish up your travel lingo by exploring top global destinations and travel routes to places like Tulum Mexico and Japan’s golden route. Learn about the impact of tourism on the environment and how you can be a more responsible traveler.
  10. Recreational Activities: What do you do in your free time? Listen to people discuss their favorite hobbies and free time activities, from blogging and knitting to surfing and rock climbing, there are many activities to explore.
  11. Communicating in the 21st century: Learn about the social media and messaging platforms people use to stay in touch by reading texting chains, Instagram posts, emails, and more. Explore how these platforms shape the way we communicate with our friends, family, and coworkers.
  12. Review: Review material from the course.