In this course, learners will learn how to accomplish basic daily tasks such as counting, ordering a meal at a restaurant, asking for directions and introducing themselves. Each course also teaches the can-do statements found in CEFR for learners at every level.


Forms & Personal Information: Learn how to fill out forms and give personal information.

People: Learn to talk about famous people and describe people you know.

Pets and Animals: Learn to talk about pets, animals in zoos, and animals in the wild.

Shopping and Transaction: Learn to have conversations about shopping and eating at a restaurant.

Making Plans with friends: Learn to make plans and communicate with friends.

Social media Posts: Learn to interpret social media posts and messages.

Sports & leisure: Learn to talk about sports and activities you do in your free time.

Work: Learn to communicate about work-related matters.

Food & Nutrition: Learn to express food choices and discuss nutrition issues.

Weather & Environment: Learn to describe the weather and discuss climate events and natural disasters.

Sounds, Notices and Announcements: Learn to recognize common signs and understand storefront notices and travel announcements.

Review: Review and recall familiar expressions, phrases, and short conversations from the course.