PassengerIn this course, you will learn essential language elements to describe your work and interact with passengers, from arrival at the airport and check-in to boarding and baggage reclamation.


Make a variety of essential landside announcements.
Understand air travel from the passenger’s perspective.
Manage regular and irregular interactions with passengers




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. The Airport: Begin exploring the flight experience by examining airports, their layouts, and their functions.
  2. Airport Services and Safety: Explore key airport employment roles, with an emphasis on security.
  3. Aircraft Overview: Discover the basics of how aircraft take flight and explore common types of airliners.
  4. Check-in: Help passengers begin their journey by guiding them through the check-in process.
  5. Boarding: Learn how to organize and oversee a smooth boarding procedure.
  6. Irregular Operations: Explore the ways in which airport operations can go wrong, and how to help affected passengers.
  7. Difficult Passengers: Deepen your understanding of how to assist passengers in unsatisfactory situations.
  8. Baggage: Assist your passengers through the final phase of their journeys as they retrieve their belongings.
  9. Aviation News: Look at recent news from the air travel sector worldwide.
  10. Review the topics covered in this course.