In this course, you will learn about various aspects of
Describe typical manufacturing stages and equipment.

Understand crucial manufacturing safety measures.

Discuss industry trends and standards




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. Stages & Processes: Begin exploring the steps and procedures that turn raw materials into everyday products.
  2. Tools & Equipment: Start identifying and describing some of the basic tools used in manufacturing work.
  3. Safety, Accidentes & Risks: Raise your awareness of some of the hazards and risks of manufacturing, and ways to stay safe.
  4. Personal Protectived Equipment: Learn how different types of personal protective equipment can protect you on the job.
  5. Measurement & documentation: Understand some of the measurements and documents that successful manufacturers must work with.
  6. Materials & Maintenance: Explore the different types of materials used to make products, and how to keep them in working order.
  7. Electric & Electronic work: Discover key information about working with electricity and electronics.
  8. Working with Large Equipment: Learn about large equipment and vehicles common in manufacturing, and how to stay safe while working with them.Industry news and Trends: Look at recent news from the manufacturing sector worldwide.
  9. Review the topics covered in this course.