This unique professional course introduces your executive team to effective skills and strategies to become successful leaders within your organization.


In this course, learners are introduced to key aspects of executive leadership, including creating a company vision, giving effective feedback and managing an efficient team. Learners will also become familiar with leadership qualities and skills from experienced business leaders around the world.



  1. Leadership Overview: Listen to advice from successful leaders and learn what makes leaders stand out in their companies.
  2. Company Vision: Learn how companies define themselves by creating a company vision and vision statement, and learn how to make and define a company vision.
  3. Team management: Listen to business leaders give advice about how to build and foster a collaborative and successful team through effective motivation, retention strategies and team empowerment.
  4. Communication Skills: Learn about the importance of clear and effective communication in the workplace, and discover how communication strategies enable you to navigate a variety of situations.
  5. Giving Feedback: Master the ability to give clear, constructive feedback to team members and learn how to handle challenging situations with employees.
  6. Goal Setting: Learn about how strategic goal-setting helps leaders achieve their visions and discover strategies to communicate these goals effectively across teams.
  7. Time Management: Learn how to prioritize tasks and listen to business leaders talk about their favorite time-management tools.
  8. Creative Thinking & Decision Making: Discover how to maximize creativity to spark innovation and problem solving in the workplace.
  9. Business Scaling: Learn about how and when a company should grow, and how to identify when growth is beneficial or harmful for a company.
  10. Workplace Efficiency: Learn how to super-charge a team through team training and delegation strategies.
  11. Workplace Trends: Explore recent trends in companies around the world, including flexible schedules and bringing pets to the office. Also consider whether these trends help or hinder productivity and the workplace environment.
  12. Review the key concepts covered in this course.