In partnership with the renowned technology boot camp General Assembly, Voxy is thrilled to bring you the only English course in the world designed to teach the English needed to excel in a marketing career and speak like a “digital native.”

In this course, learners are taught about the methods, platforms and strategies to reach consumers across the digital media landscape.


  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing: Digital marketing allows for new methods, platforms and strategies to reach consumers. To be a successful digital marketer, it is vital to understand the ever-evolving media landscape. In this unit, review the five essential areas of digital marketing that drive this change and an objective-first framework to approach marketing initiatives.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Explore the latest developments in social media, look at established and emerging social media channels and outline the content marketing opportunities that each channel provides. Learn how to deliver great content and experiences to a community while aligning social media strategy to business goals.
  3. Mobile Marketing: Mobile ubiquity and connectivity has, without a doubt, impacted digital marketing efforts. Understanding the basics of mobile hardware and software will allow digital marketers to successfully take advantage of mobile opportunities. In this unit, explore consumer behavior and how mobile hardware and software trends will contribute to mobile marketing campaigns.
  4. Content Marketing: The more advertising bombards consumers, the less effective it becomes. Marketers are challenged more than ever to find a voice in the noise. In this unit, learn about the content marketing tools and tactics to engage with a brand’s audience.
  5. User Experience: Holistic user experience is about understanding the user’s perspective across touchpoints and over time. In this unit, learn how to plan at every level of experience and orchestrate many individual components into a balanced vision.