Cabin Crew

In this course, you will learn essential language elements to describe your work and interact with passengers, from arrival at the airport and boarding to in-flight services and landing.


Make a variety of essential onboard announcements. Understand air travel from the passenger’s perspective. Explain the main elements of working at airports and aboard aircraft.




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. The Airport: Begin exploring the flight experience by examining airports, their layouts, and their functions.
  2. Airport Services and Safety: Explore key airport employment roles, with an emphasis on security.
  3. Aircraft Overview: Discover the basics of how aircraft take flight and explore common types of airliners.
  4. Boarding and first contact with passanger: Learn how to help passengers to their seats and make all necessary announcements as your flight begins.
  5. Flight Safety and Medical Situations: Raise your awareness of the potential emergencies that can occur during flight, and ways to stay safe.
  6. Cabin Services and Amenities; Explore in-flight options and amenities including entertainment, food, and upgrades.
  7. Passenger requiring Special Assistance: Deepen your understanding of how to assist passengers with a variety of disabilities and needs.
  8. Preparing for Landing: Guide your passengers through the final phase of flight, including final announcements.
  9. Aviation news: Look at recent news from the air travel sector worldwide.