Work is changing—and so is the English your teams need to learn. Voxy’s English for Business course is the only one of its kind that uses 100% authentic content, designed to provide learners with the real-world skills, context and vocabulary to succeed in today’s workplace.



In this course, learners are taught about a variety of work functions, from HR and customer service to IT and marketing. The course also covers introductions, meetings, negotiations, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, email correspondence and more.



Meetings & Web conferences: Learn how to participate in meetings by preparing agendas, giving work updates and taking notes on a variety of topics. Also learn how to extract key details from discussions.

Presentations: Learn how to understand the main points of a work-related presentation and how to extract important details. Receive tips for giving a good presentation.

Telephone Communications: Learn about video conferences, how to leave voicemails and how to interact with service providers over the phone.

Emails: Learn how to write letters and emails on a variety of business topics and how to read work-related emails.

Resumes & Cover Letters: Learn how to write effective cover letters and resumes and how to conduct a job search. Also learn about the benefits of cover letters and resumes.

Interviews: Learn how to prepare for common job interview questions, how to lead a discussion as an interviewer and as an interviewee, and how to discuss job history and previous work-related achievements. Receive tips for performing better in interviews.

Negotiations: Learn how to talk about objectives in a negotiation meeting, how to present proposals and counter proposals, how to express opinions and how to suggest solutions to reach a business agreement.

Networking: Learn the basics of networking, including how to introduce oneself at a networking event, how to describe one’s professional background and tips for engaging in “small talk.”
Around the Office: Learn to accomplish a variety of office-related tasks, such as understanding company-wide emails and office updates, talking to coworkers and understanding directions.

Human resources HR: Study the basics and best practices of recruiting, plus learn how to interview potential candidates and how to understand new Human Resources policies and employee benefits.

Information technology IT: Learn how to understand technical instructions and how to give advice to resolve a problem with a technology product or piece of equipment.

Finance: Learn how to complete forms requiring financial information, how to complete financial transactions and how to talk to coworkers about company finances.

Marketing: Study the value of traditional and digital marketing, and learn how to produce marketing materials that describe a product or service. Also learn how to give company updates on marketing-related topics.

Product Development & technology: Learn about the agile product development process and the importance of the user experience. Also learn how to give company updates on engineering-related projects.

Customer Service: Read and learn how to respond to complaint letters from customers, and learn how to write feedback surveys for customers and employees. Also study the importance of different customer service departments.

Project management: Understand the components of project management and best practices, and learn about project management tools.

Leadership: Learn about different approaches to management and study best practices for managing a company or team.

Enterpreneurship: Learn about different approaches to management and study best practices for managing a company or team.

Review the Business English course with current news stories from each unit.