In this course, you will get to know the most important sight words you need to complete essential tasks like shopping for food, accessing healthcare, and finding places in the neighborhood. You will also learn the letters and numbers you need to understand signs and fill out simple forms.

Use lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet to fill out simple forms on a computer or smartphone.

Read, understand, and use numbers 0-100 for prices, dates, and times.
Recognize sight words to interpret signs, directories, and instructions in public places.


  1. Personal Information: In this unit, you will learn to introduce yourself. You will start to make the connection between the letters and sounds in your name and get familiar with how to type it on a smartphone keyboard.
  2. Accessing Social services: Do you know where to find services in your city? Use letters and basic spelling to search for addresses and fill out simple forms with your personal information.
  3. Shopping: Use numbers and basic words to shop for things you need like food and clothing. Practicing recognizing the sounds of different letters in words you know.
  4. Health and Wellness: Find the information you need to keep yourself and your family healthy. Practice numbers used to make appointments and find offices.
  5. Finding Places in the neighborhood: Do you feel comfortable getting around your city? Practice using your smartphone to find places you need to go. Get better at asking how to spell things and matching the words on your phone with the words you see around town.
  6. Practice all of the skills you have learned so far so you feel confident spelling your name, giving basic personal information, shopping for food and basic necessities, and getting around your city to live your life.