In this course, you will explore key concepts related to successful writing for university-level study. You will read scholarly texts and hear from literacy experts to improve your writing skills and get the most from your academic experience

Develop skills to read dense academic texts critically.
Analyze common genres of academic text to improve both reading and writing skills.
Identify and apply key steps in a successful writing process.


  1. How to approach Academic Writing: Identify strategies to become a better academic writer.
    Evaluate if claims and evidence presented are logical.
    Analyze rhetorical strategies used in academic writing.
  2. Understanding Scholarly Texts: Learn strategies to become a more efficient and effective reader.
    Explore common types and structures of academic texts.
    Practice summarizing texts by paragraphs and sections.
  3. Genres of Academic Writing: Recognize the significance of genre analysis in academic writing preparation.
    Identify key rhetorical features of a specific genre.
    Examine an example of a specific genre.
  4. The Writing process: Understand the writing process from ideation to revision.
    Learn how to integrate your ideas with published literature.
    Understand the role of citation and how to avoid common citation mistakes.
  5. Independent Research: Use available tools to find and evaluate appropriate sources for research.
    Learn how to read and write the different sections in a research report.
    Understand the expectations for graduate level work.