20483 Programming in C#


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      Este curso provee a los estudiantes los conocimientos y técnicas necesarias para crear aplicaciones Windows utilizando C#.



      Experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones utilizando Microsoft Visual Studio.



      40 horas



      • Review of C# Syntax
      • Overview of Writing Applications using C#
      • Datatypes, Operators, and Expressions
      • C# Programming Language Constructs
      • Creating and Invoking Methods
      • Creating Overloaded Methods and Using Optional and Output Parameters
      • Handling Exceptions
      • Monitoring Applications
      • Developing the Code for a Graphical Application
      • Implementing Structs and Enums
      • Organizing Data into Collections
      • Handling Events
      • Creating Classes
      • Defining and Implementing Interfaces
      • Implementing Type-safe Collections
      • Creating a Class Hierarchy by Using Inheritance
      • Creating Class Hierarchies
      • Extending .NET Framework Classes
      • Creating Generic Types
      • Reading and Writing Local Data
      • Reading and Writing Files
      • Serializing and Deserializing Data
      • Performing I/O Using Streams
      • Accessing a Database
      • Creating and Using Entity Data Models
      • Querying Data by Using LINQ
      • Updating Data by Using LINQ
      • Accessing Remote Data
      • Accessing Data Across the Web
      • Accessing Data in the Cloud
      • Designing the User Interface for a Graphical Application
      • Using XAML to Design a User Interface
      • Binding Controls to Data
      • Styling a User Interface
      • Improving Application Performance and Responsiveness
      • Implementing Multitasking by using Tasks and Lambda Expressions
      • Performing Operations Asynchronously
      • Synchronizing Concurrent Access to Data
      • Integrating with Unmanaged Code
      • Creating and Using Dynamic Objects
      • Managing the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Unmanaged Resources
      • Creating Reusable Types and Assemblies
      • Examining Object Metadata
      • Creating and Using Custom Attributes
      • Generating Managed Code
      • Versioning, Signing and Deploying Assemblies
      • Implementing Symmetric Encryption
      • Implementing Asymmetric Encryption



      4 marzo, 2021


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