English for Maritime


The highly international maritime industry needs trained professionals who can communicate effectively, whether onshore or at sea. Prepare your employees by teaching them about their job responsibilities, how to navigate a ship and how to respond in emergencies.


In this course, learners are taught about different aspects of working on a ship, safety and emergency procedures, meteorology, cargo handling and more.




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. Ship parts & Types: Learn about different parts of a ship and how to identify and describe different types of vessels. Describe common ship actions and how to give and follow directions on a ship.
  2. Jobs on a Ship: Describe roles onboard a ship by talking about daily duties and responsibilities.
  3. Communication on a Ship: Understand standard wheel and engine orders and common VHF radio calls and transmissions.
  4. Ship safety & Emergencies: Give and understand instructions during an emergency and talk about ship safety procedures.
  5. Distress Calls: Send and respond to marine emergency signals by using standard codes.
  6. Passage Planning: Learn how to plot a course, and understand harbor traffic control signals and navigational warnings at sea.
  7. Nautical Charts: Understand how to read and interpret nautical charts so to navigate the waters with ease.
  8. Weather & Sea State: Describe marine meteorology by learning about sea state, wind speed, ocean currents and more.
  9. Weather Forecasts & Warnings: Make predictions about marine weather and understand different weather warnings.
  10. Cargo Handling: Learn about the cargo handling process and how to handle common hazardous cargo that ships carry.
  11. Review key concepts about the maritime industry covered in the course.


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