Overview of the Azure IoT Hub service ( IoT Internet of Things)

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      Planning & Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT. Taking this course you will learn about the IoT industry and how to implement Azure IoT services and and other Microsoft technologies within an IoT solution. 

      After gaining an understanding of the hardware and software implemented within the Azure IoT solution architecture, and how Azure IoT Hub enables secure bi-directions messaging with devices, the course continues on to teach students about Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions, long term data storage, data visualization with Power BI, and Azure IoT Device Management.
      Module 1 – Overview & Architecture
      Topics & Objectives
      • Azure IoT Hub  Overview
      • How does IoT Hub work?
      • Azure IoT Hub Architecture
      • IoT device-connectivity challenges
      • Why use Azure IoT Hub
      • Azure IoT Hub – Gateways
      • Overview of device management with IoT Hub
      • IoT Hub Pricing
      Module 2 | IoT and Azure IoT Hub
      • Create an Azure account and get acquainted with the Azure Portal.
      • Create an IoT Hub service.
      • Create an IoT device and register it with your IoT Hub.
      • Send telemetry data from your device to the IoT Hub.
      Module 3 | Data Analysis
      • Create a Stream Analytics job that monitors data received by the IoT Hub.
      • Implement an Azure Function that sends an email when a sensor reading exceeds a configured threshold value.
      Module 4 | Data Storage and Visualization
      • Create a DocumentDB storage account and use a Stream Analytics job to store your telemetry data.
      • Use the Power BI service to view live data coming from your IoT device.
      • Use Power BI to create and share a data visualization report.
      Module 5 | Remote Management of Devices
      • Implement a Direct Method on your IoT device and then trigger the method remotely.
      • Implement a Firmware Update using a Direct Method and monitor progress of the operation using a Device Twin.


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