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IT Helpdesk

When your helpdesk team is guiding customers through technical troubleshooting and IT support, precise and clear communication is critical to their success.


In this course, learners will receive an overview of industry best practices as well as real-life examples of IT helpdesk and support through specific channels, including telephone, email, live chat and social media.




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. IT and Helpdesk Overview & best Practices: Learn how to apply IT helpdesk best practices and tips to facilitate positive IT experiences.
  2. IT Support Via Telephone: Learn how to respond to IT inquiries and complaints over the telephone.
  3. IT Support Via email, chat & social media: Learn how to respond to IT inquiries and complaints over email, live chat and via social media.
  4. Technical Troubleshooting: Learn about simple and complex technical instructions, and how to give advice to resolve a problem with a product or piece of equipment.
  5. Meetings & Conferencing: Learn how to write and understand meeting agendas, extract key details from discussions, provide work updates and take notes on a variety of topics.
  6. Presentations: Understand the main points of a work-related presentation, learn how to extract key details from presentations and receive tips to give a better presentation.


La misión de Ulearn es brindar soluciones de capacitación para profesionales de TI, que se traduzca en optimización de sus habilidades para una mayor eficiencia.


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