English for Investment Banking

Investment Banking

English is the global language of business. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, investment bankers not only need to speak with their clients and coworkers around the world, they also need a deep understanding of the English terminology being used in their field today.


In this course, delivered in partnership with 365 Careers, learners are given an overview of investment banking, learn about public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and are taught about each area of investment banking in depth.




Hours of Contents




Required Skill level


  1. Overview & History of Investment Banking: Discover the origins of investment banking.
  2. Types of Banks: Learn about the different types of banks and the difference between commercial and investment banks.
  3. Areas of Investment Banking: Capital Markets: Learn about capital markets, raising capital and companies going public.
  4. Areas of Investment Banking: Advisory Services: Understand the role of advisory services in investment banking.
  5. Areas of Investment Banking: Trading & Brokerage: Learn the fundamentals of trading and brokerage.
  6. Areas of Investment banking: Asset Management: Understand the responsibilities of asset managers and the roles within the division.
  7. Initial Public Offerings: Learn about the reasons companies go public and understand the roles of investors in an IPO.
  8. Mergers & Acquisitions: Explore the reasons for mergers and acquisitions, and review the typical M&A lifecycle.


La misión de Ulearn es brindar soluciones de capacitación para profesionales de TI, que se traduzca en optimización de sus habilidades para una mayor eficiencia.


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